Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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ISBN 978 0 615 30637 7
The book, "Godly Minds, Bold Hearts" available from:

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393 pages, signed, 8-1/2" x 11" (If ordering from Miss Kitty's Attic, add 'Liberty and Justice' to check for free postage)

All of author's proceeds go to charity: American Bible Society, Samaritan's Purse, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America, & Christians United for Israel.

This large book chock full of useful information will forever be in my library as a reference to share with my kids and grandkids. It is destined to be a classic. -- Tom Sedgwick

My children and I very much enjoyed and learned a lot from this book. It is now part of my library -- Minister Shamielle Alston, www.Shamielle.com

No American home should be without this book. -- Misty Taggert, Trailer to the Stars

I absolutely love this book. It inspires me, and reminds me of what it means to be an American. I recommend it to everyone who loves America. Thank you, K. L. Kraemer, for teaching us the truth about the American Revolution. -- Larry Vaughn, Author of Bible Believer's Handbook

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Original Air Date: December 14, 2009

The American Defense Against Tyranny

Join us LIVE as we talk with Author, K. L. Kraemer to discuss her book; Godly Minds, Bold Hearts. Europeans began sailing to America to make it their home during the 17th century. Those people, men and women, were an industrious and mostly religious people that were determined to fight for a fresh start with freedom of worship, for a productive life, and for a legacy to their descendants. With an amazing and energetic spirit, they left behind the security of familiar surroundings to overcome the manifold dangers of the sea and fears of an untamed wilderness for the promise of an uncertain future. For over 150 years, those diligent and hard-working pioneers, the hardy ones who survived, civilized America. They grew into an independent and self-made people under the rules of God and away from the British eye. They worked with a determination, and many found prosperity. By the mid 18th century, some of the most vital families gave birth to our founding fathers, although we cannot disregard that there were many founders who overcame humble backgrounds to become themselves a first generation of self-made prominent men. Almost all were studious, soft-spoken, and well educated in the classics and in being taught high regard for the Bible as the Book of books; and almost all of them were Christians and/or certainly approved of the merits of Christianity as a foundation for mankind and mankind's government. In the decision to be free from "an unnatural mother" (the British Crown) and to sign their names to the Declaration, these principled men knew they had little or nothing to gain materially and that they were risking all they had, even their lives. These pages are dedicated to knowing in honor the names of our founders and knowing that their Christian faith and logic emboldened them with just cause in signing the Declaration of Independence.

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"Godly Minds, Bold Hearts" is a well-researched, thoughtful and provocative book. It is a book for today; a book to reassure those struggling for their beliefs and patriotism. Portraying colonial America and its stand against tyranny, it offers insight into the life stories of important men and women who were loyal first to God. It is wonderfully human, containing profiles of many of our founding fathers. " ~April Boyer

"The seed for the book idea came about when I heard someone say that America was not a Christian country. I knew full well that most of our citizens consider themselves to be Christian and that we descended from Puritans so it got me to do some research on our founders and their beliefs. The Declaration of Independence itself mentions our Creator so I started from there and its signers' biographies. I found so much to show that all of them were Christians and/or approved the merits of Christianity in forming a country so I documented a lot of their quotes and actions. Facts are hard to argue with."

"How do you rate the condition of our country, and do you believe God can turn it around?

Knowing that the White House views the Constitution as a restraint and watching as the fiber and fabric of our nation day by day is being attacked and torn apart, I believe our country is about to lose itself. We are in danger of losing our sovereignty, and I hope enough of us have the foresight and courage to fight back. I'd like to see the nation as a whole under the informal leadership of those like Sarah Palin and John Hagee declare a national day of prayer and fasting.

One world government and economy is foreseen and told about in the Bible. Based on that and on the way Obama is destroying Capitalism in the U.S. and also on how so many leftists view us simply as citizens of the world, I figure that predicted scenario is where our timeline is now headed. I also believe the Rapture is just around the corner.

How long have you been writing?
I didn't start writing for others until about 2002. I started with a Christian website for the purpose of praising God and for sharing God's wonders with others who might visit.

How did you become aware that this was something you needed to do and could succeed at?
I found through the website just how much I could learn and regurgitate in my own way, and I became more aware of the details in God's science & what He's given us. In developing a renewed fear of Him and His great power, I felt as though I was doing something special in concentration on the wonders of His mystery.

And how did you know it is God's will for you?
A good motto to live by is 'In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.' He has afforded me the desire and opportunity to pursue writing at this time.

Where do you get your ideas?
By living, watching, listening, and connecting dots. If something upsets my philosophical applecart or if someone says something that I intuitively disagree with, then I am motivated to research, get facts, and combine everything with my own opinion and write an article according to my interpretation of the facts.

How much does your time with God influence your creativity and ability?
My time with Him gives me greater awareness of His presence. I'd like to think everything I try to do stems from my desire to live according to His will. I don't have the strong heart of David, but I pray for one similar. I can relate when David says he loves God's laws. I, too, love harmony and look forward to the day when all is made clear for us.

What would you say to writers about writing every day?
Each person who writes wants to do so, I believe, because they have a unique perspective inside them that they want to express. It's an effort to sit down and put those inner workings on paper. I would say just jot them down, don't worry about order or form or exact wording, just get them out on paper in a flurry. Next step would be to put the words in a communicable form. Once again, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just make an effort. You will keep improving as you keep trying.

What other kinds of activities are you involved in?
I enjoy naturopathic cooking, organic gardening, baking....food, in general. I love the old movie classics and old-time radio shows, and I enjoy today's talk radio. I also belong to a couple of women's philanthropic groups.

Do any of these things interfere with writing, and how do you handle that?
Writing waits. It isn't my first priority, usually, unless a subject has me consumed. Even so, I have to work around my church and family activities. Sometimes I take a notebook with me.

Tell us a little about your family, and your general location.
I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and a little white Bichon Frise. Holidays and summer outings, we usually spend with my husband's family, as they live just a few hours away. My sister and I keep in contact through e-mails and phone calls.

Tell us a little about your personal relationship with Christ Jesus.
I accepted Christ Jesus as the Son of God and my personal savior during vacation Bible school when I was nine years old. The more I live, study, and talk to Him, the more I realize just how blessed I have been in being able to make that decision as a child. During times of extreme stress, He has kept me centered and able to see beyond hardships.

What other kind of genre would you write in given the right motivation?
Let's see....I write a monthly devotions column for a Christian magazine, I write political articles now and then, have written some poetry, just finished a book on America's Christian heritage. I think I would like to write a children's fantasy. I do have some ideas.

How much do use resource websites and/or support groups (including blogs, facebook, twitter) ?
My blog is http://humblechristianpen.blogspot.com/. For it, I look for topics that I find special with an unusual twist to them such as the fact George Washington was truly a favorite of Providence. Events support that claim. I visit blogs of others quite frequently, particularly those of other Christian women. Most of them are positive and uplifting. As far as twitter, I visit my IrishShamrock account now and then to see what's going on and try to post something I think is important or interesting or even fun. I prefer Facebook because there are so many writers there that I can get to know something about. I can usually associate a writer with a picture and their work. Most of them are kindly accessible and available for comments. And, of course, Facebook is great for keeping old friends at your fingertips.

How much time do you spend reading?
On my days of isolation, I skim a lot of books and articles off and on all day long, even while the radio or tv is on.

Define what success means to you.
Happiness or success is when you know who you are and what you believe in and that you go forward in life according to those beliefs in fulfilling your goals. God's ways are the central guideline, I think, in finding the right direction. (For example, there is no deep happiness for a thief or cruel-hearted person.) Be honest with yourself and face reality, recognize your shortcomings, learn to live with them, and still strive to do the best you know how. Don't lie to yourself as I've seen so many people do.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Senator Randy Forbes asks if we are a Christian Nation

Does the corrupt U.N. resent America because of her power and refusal to kowtow?
Is our culture becoming coarse and are our morals on the decline?

Just who is America as a country? Is she really Christian?

What is our heritage as intended by the patriots who founded this nation for us, their descendants and legal immigrants, to build upon and not destroy by radical change and demonized 'progress.'

It behooves each of us as Americans to responsibily educate ourselves about our nation and be ready to defend her against lies designed to denigrate and bring her down to the lower standards secured by the rest of the world.

As liberals cripple America with political correctness and try to erase our pride and all memory of our Christian birthright, we need to be armed with the facts.

Read the truth of our founding one time and never be in the dark again. Become a well-informed citizen and share unique stories of faith and adventure with your children.